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MedCity’s angel investment programme broadens scope

MedCity is expanding the expert support and guidance it provides to companies and investors in the life sciences sector.

Growing life sciences businesses and investment in the greater south east is a core part of our work at MedCity. In 2014 we set up Angels in MedCity in partnership with London Business Angels (which later became Newable Private Investing) to provide a platform to connect angel investors interested in the field to innovative and scalable businesses.

Since then we have provided support and guidance to over 70 exciting companies. We have also seen £6million in investment raised through our angel network and over £30 million raised by the companies involved.

What’s next?

We are happy to share that we will now be expanding our support offering for both start-ups and investors. In recognition of the fact that angel funding is just one aspect of the journey to commercialisation for life sciences companies, we are evolving our offer beyond purely angel investor focused events. We will be working with a broader range of investors from across the funding cycle and moving towards a non-exclusive partnership model, while developing a broader range of activities.

What this means for investors: We will be using our healthcare and life sciences expertise to connect start-ups with investors from across the varied stages of investment, beyond just angel funding. We will be providing support and actively developing relationships with different types of investors looking to invest in the sector.

 What this means for start -ups: We will be providing guidance and advice personalised to your needs at the different stages of your company’s development, and helping you connect to investment opportunities at the right time.

Get involved

The first company showcase event of the year will be an online event on 14 May 2020. A carefully selected group of innovative life sciences start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their business to an audience of investors.

We are interested to hear from:

  • Entrepreneurs interested in presenting their business (companies will be assessed and selected through a competitive process and there are a maximum of 10 places)
  • Investors interested in the life sciences sector

Please contact to find out more.

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