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MedCity is well linked to enable strong collaborations that span the Life Science ecosystem.

Ecosystem links

Since its inception, MedCity has actively developed and is still growing its links within and around the Life Science ecosystem. This means that when it comes to research, commercial and charitable initiatives, we have a clear picture of who is involved with what and where.

In turn, allowing us to identify and link synergies resulting in deep and effective collaborations that ultimately help to globally shape the future of patient care.

The three pillars

Simplicity is key to effectively support you, we therefore structure engagement across Life Sciences using three pillars:







These are all underpinned by our expert networks.


London and its regional network in the UK’s Greater South East is home to many of the world’s leading academic institutions and subject matter experts, with world-class research, development and training taking place within London, Oxford and Cambridge—the Golden Triangle.


The UK is home, not only to large multi-national companies but also smaller outfits and spin-out companies.

From pharmaceutical to med-tech and bio-techs, as well as digital therapeutics, there are many commercial success stories and emerging ventures in London and its regional network, many of them looking to share knowledge and technologies.


Research and development, as well as patient care, is ultimately guided by the needs of the patient, this is where non-profit organisations, charities as well as health systems play a pivotal role.

Often benchmarked and modelled from, London and its regional network across the Greater South East has world-class health services and organisations who have contributed to providing excellent patient care, support as well as funding across the ecosystem.


Life Sciences can often fall prey to siloed operations and processes.

MedCity is well positioned overlooking each sub-sector, with its finger closely on the pulse of research and development as well as commercial, funding and patient-focused initiatives. This allows us to identify shared areas of focus and expertise, across the sub-sectors that would benefit one another.

Collaborate to Innovate is other such programme that spans the border across these sub-sectors in pairing leading expertise from academia with cutting edge innovation in development by Life Science SMEs.

More information on the Collaborate to Innovate programme and its variations, follow the link below.

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Expert communities

Having a platform/outlet to discuss themes and topics which impact the sector helps to move things forward, and for Life Sciences this is no exception.

MedCity is continually listening to and working with its partners and contacts to ensure such outlets exist to propagate innovation and continue to strengthen and grow the Life Science ecosystem.

Advanced therapies network

The Advanced Therapies Network (ATN), created in 2018 by the London Advanced Therapies (LAT) group and managed by MedCity, is one such initiative. With over 700 members, its purpose is to provide a platform for discussions around challenges facing the Advanced Therapies landscape and community, bringing together academics, clinicians, industry and service professionals.

MedCity’s Collaborate to Innovate programme gave us access to world class expertise and infrastructure that allowed us to collect huge data sets very quickly which massively advanced the readiness of our technology.

Thomas Harle
CEO, Fourth State
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