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Collaborate to Innovate: Advanced Therapies pairs Sixfold Bioscience and UCL

    The second Collaborate to Innovate programme, led by London Advanced Therapies (LAT) and delivered by MedCity, put out a call for project proposals in August 2019. The programme supports SMEs looking to collaborate with higher education on research, with round focusing particularly on advanced therapies. The project kick-offs hit an early bump in the road, in the form of COVID-19, but we’re pleased to report that a number of the new collaborations are now making progress.

    Sixfold Bioscience, who develop safe and effective drug delivery systems for cell and gene therapeutics, have been paired with Prof. Stefan Howorka of UCL. Their collaborative project will be funded to provide unique insights into the transport across membranes of Sixfold’s technology.

    The collaboration will be expediting the completion of Sixfold’s preclinical R&D program, focused on bringing safer and more effective cell and gene therapeutics to patients. Combining Sixfold’s oligonucleotide delivery system with Prof. Howorka’s expertise in DNA-mediated transport across synthetic and cellular bilayer membranes, the project is the first time Sixfold Bioscience have collaborated with UCL.

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