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Delivering data driven and AI enabled next generation healthcare from Whitechapel

Would you like to engage with a leading international digital healthcare partnership to accelerate transformative precision medicine in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and stratified healthcare?

Queen Mary University of London, Barts Health Trust and MedCity are working on a proposal to do just this. Our aim is to bring together routinely collected healthcare data and the existing genomics ecosystem in East London, across clinical and academic strengths including cancer, cardiovascular, trauma, infections disease, population health and AI.

Industry engagement and an understanding of your needs is vital to shaping this proposal, and we would be grateful for just a few minutes of your time to complete a short survey on this. There is also the opportunity to join the Industry Advisory Board for the partnership – if this is of interest please indicate in the survey and provide contact details.

Find out more about the project below.

Complete the survey by midnight on 4 November 2020

The Goal

A digital healthcare partnership between Queen Mary University of London, Barts Health Trust and MedCity will create a unique research window on the world by mobilising our routinely collected healthcare data from a community of 2.2 million people drawn from 97 Nations.  The existing genomics and data ecosystem in East London, as the home of the 100,000 genomes project established in 2013, the East London Genes Health Genes Programme running since 2015, location of a HDRUK hub and several successful digital health SMEs, means we are well-equipped to improve direct care, self-management and health outcomes for patient and public benefit.

Our commitment is to harness the full potential of routinely collected NHS clinical data, combined with deeper patient characterisation, alongside genomics and other multi-omic data to gain entirely new biomedical insights. Our ambition is to create a unique synergistic International Digital Healthcare Partnership that will accelerate transformative precision medicine in the areas of prevention, diagnosis and stratified healthcare.

The partnership is based on Barts Health Trust existing clinical strengths of cancer, cardiovascular, trauma, infectious disease and mental and respiratory health. These clinical strengths are coupled with Queen Mary’s academic strengths (3rd in the QS world rankings for citations in medicine) of health data, cancer, cardiovascular, inflammation, trauma, population health, and AI.

Innovations arising from this Barts Life Sciences partnership will enable world-leading NHS transformation in precision healthcare via the direct juxtaposition of the second largest NHS Trust (Barts Health) in the UK with a unique primary care data asset and then translated across the entire NHS for national patient benefit.


The partnership, based on existing research and innovation strengths, will provide:

  • High value unique digital clinical datasets mobilised for research into direct healthcare
  • Unique real-time research access to one of the UK’s most diverse populations, with Barts Life Sciences having a large proportion of the World’s gene pool on its doorstep (67 languages, 97 nationalities) with strong and trusted community links, through Queen Mary and Barts Health Trust, to 2.2 million people that have enabled unique linked life-course health datasets
  • Deeper patient characterisation, remote sensing and molecular pathology
  • Unique multi-omic bio-sample assets
  • Artificial intelligence and multi-omic research.

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