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An update on the Stroke Association and MedCity research partnership

It takes time for people to rebuild their lives after stroke, and right now there’s a lack of much-needed longer-term support for people affected by stroke. 45% of stroke survivors have told us they feel abandoned when they leave the hospital and there’s even less support for their family and friends. That’s why Stroke Association partnered with MedCity to support collaborative teams of stroke researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), working to find new ways to help people rebuild their lives after stroke.

You can find out about these research projects supporting SMEs and academics to work together to improve technologies that can help with treatment and support for people affected by a stroke here.

An update

The Stroke Association hosted an event to showcase the charity’s investment in research, and the difference made to the lives of people affected by stroke. Dr Cherry Kilbride (Brunel University London) and Guillem Singla Buxarrais (Neurofenix) discussed their exciting new project funded in partnership with the charity and MedCity (@ 13mins)

Original press release

Collaboration between Stroke Association and MedCity

MedCity and Stroke Association have entered into a collaboration agreement to identify and support the development of digital health therapeutics for patients and carers living with the long-term health impact of stroke.

The long-term effects of stroke are wide-ranging, leaving many patients living with complex challenges that severely impact quality of life and ability to return to work. This new joint programme will sit within MedCity’s Collaborate to Innovate initiative and bring together academics and SMEs, combining clinical stroke research expertise from the academic community with the commercial and digital know-how of companies developing solutions for the health and care sector.

Stroke Association will provide funding and expertise, while MedCity will bring its extensive experience promoting the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry. Awards made through the programme will be directed to innovations that:

  1. lead to measurable improvement in patient recovery and quality of life
  2. reduce the risks of follow on strokes
  3. provide support to carers of stroke patients.

Applications will be invited for innovations across a broad development pathway, with an expectation that support will be provided for the development of technologies from a proof of concept stage, through and up to the commercialisation/implementation stage.

Neelam Patel, CEO, MedCity said:

MedCity is delighted by this flagship initiative with Stroke Association, which supports our core aim to improve population health outcomes through better cross-sector collaboration. There is a huge amount of knowledge and expertise within the third sector and academia that is yet to be connected to companies developing and commercialising exciting innovations. We hope that this new collaboration will provide a test-bed for more similar joint activities between MedCity and the third sector.

Kate Holmes, Assistant Director of Research, Stroke Association said:

The Stroke Association is keen to support high quality digital health technology research and we believe a collaboration with MedCity is ideal to help us achieve this goal. We would like to facilitate relationships and collaboration between academics and SMEs, in order to combine the expertise and knowledge regarding clinical stroke research in the academic community with the commercial and digital know-how of companies experienced in product development and roll-out in the healthcare sector.


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