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Global biotech company Miltenyi Biotec sponsors Advanced Therapies Network

MedCity and London Advanced Therapies are pleased to announce that Miltenyi Biotec will be sponsoring the Advanced Therapies Network for 2021.

Miltenyi Biotec is a global biotechnology company that provides a range of products and services to advance biomedical research and enable cell and gene therapy. Founded in 1989, the company has 14,000 products worldwide and about 2500 patients are treated annually with cell products using Miltenyi Biotec technologies.

Miltenyi’s products and services support scientists, clinical researchers, and physicians across basic research, translational research and clinical applications. The company’s client base is well-aligned with the membership of the ATN, which brings together cell and gene therapy experts from academia, industry, government organisations, charities and the NHS.

Part of London Advanced Therapies, the ATN aims to foster collaboration across the cell and gene therapy sector through a series of informative and networking events around the commercialisation challenges faced by this fast-growing area.

CEO of MedCity, Neelam Patel, said: “Together with London Advanced Therapies we are delighted that Miltenyi Biotec will be sponsoring the Advanced Therapies Network. Cell and gene therapy is at an important stage in its development and collaboration between the different players in this field is vital to better define and address the shared challenges.

“Through its products and services, Miltenyi Biotec provides support to a wide range of researchers and practitioners working at different stages of cell therapy making the company an excellent sponsor for the network.”

Director of London Advanced Therapies, Dr. Francesca Gliubich said “The Advanced Therapies Network is one of our major programmes, bringing together the community working in the field of Cell and Gene Therapies nationally and internationally. We are delighted that Miltenyi will sponsor the ATN and we look forward to working with MedCity to organise many more successful events.”

Matthew Cobb, Clinical Account Manager at Miltenyi Biotec Ltd said: “Miltenyi Biotec Ltd is delighted to be partnering with this vitally important Network for continued support and development of life-changing, next generation therapies.

By being part of the Advanced Therapies Network, members can share experience and expertise to overcome challenges and fulfil their long-term aims.

Advanced therapies have shown rapid development in recent years, and it is important to support those entering this field be they from academia, industry or patients themselves.

This highly valuable network will be of significant benefit long-term for future patients who will in time receive advanced therapies.

We are happy to share our guidance and experience along this journey in helping to provide patients with beneficial therapies to support their well-being.”

This comes during a critical juncture in a global COVID-19 pandemic, where global collaboration is paramount to counter the effect of the virus, and it is great to see Miltenyi Biotec mentioned in the recent BioNTec statement regarding the rapid development of their COVID-19 vaccine.

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