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New – Life sciences skills and training: A directory of resources

To ensure the UK remains a world leading global hub for life sciences it’s essential that we train the next generation of scientists. Our 2022 report on Community and Cluster Dynamics looked at how life science clusters constructively contribute to improving the wealth and health of the people in their local communities. Yet, for many communities, science is a field that requires time and money to pursue.

Our follow-up to the Community and Cluster Report – Life Sciences Skills and Training: A directory of resources – highlights how education and training is key to making life sciences jobs accessible to a diverse range of communities. Job-focused training programmes, such as apprenticeships and internships are a significant part of the solution and so, this report gathers information from over 51 meetings with a range of organisations within the life sciences sector to scope out existing apprenticeships and training and outreach programmes.

The directory signposts and lists relevant training programmes and resources to raise awareness of the opportunities available and makes recommendations on the gaps that exist.

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