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Advanced Therapies Network- Prescriber to Patient

8 Jul 2021
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Logistical Challenges in Delivering Cell and Gene Therapies

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The Advanced Therapies Network is an initiative of the London Advanced Therapies. The next event in the series will focus on the logistical challenges of cell and gene therapies.

With the expansion of cell and gene therapies, researcher increasingly require reliable logistical support with safe and efficient transportation. The cell and gene therapy sector delivers life changing treatments and heavily relies upon a logistical supply chain.

The therapy must be available when the patient needs it and therefore it requires swift and efficient delivery, whilst meeting the safety and manufacturing requirements. What are the challenges in delivering treatment and how can we overcome them?

Knowing where the challenges are, what can we do to address them and ensure more collaboration between academic researchers and industry will surely help with the therapy delivery.

Moderated by Prof Francesco Dazzi, Professor of Regenerative and Haematological Medicine at Kings College.

Expert speakers from the delivery chain would include:

– Marc Puich from Vineti– a company purpose-built for personalised therapies. Vineti’s founders have understood the challenges that biotech and pharmaceutical innovators face in developing personalised therapies. The emerging ecosystem of cell therapies, gene therapies, and personalised cancer vaccines requires new enabling technologies to align and manage production processes and the patient journey. Vineti’s Personalised Therapy Management platform provides the next-generation technology that advanced therapies need.

– Thomas Ellmann from  DHL Logistics– a logistical partner with a proven track record of reliability and commitment in delivering cell and gene therapies.  The logistical support needed is manifold and must integrate into a supply chain that can support the precise needs of cell and gene therapy.

– Dr Reuben Benjamin- Consultant Haematologist, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

– Dr Robin Sanderson– Consultant Haematologist, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The event will feature presentations on each part of the chain and an expert panel with Q&A.

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