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Advances in Clinical Trials- ‘Faster and Better’- Decentralised Trials

17 May 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


MedCity and NIHR are organising their 2nd event in the ‘faster and better’ series to promote collaboration between companies and NHS Foundation Trusts to demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’ and to promote shared learning between those sites that are already engaged in novel ways to conduct trials.

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Clinical trials are a fundamental tool used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of new drugs and medical devices and other health system interventions. Decentralised trials have emerged as a critical tool in the pursuit by sponsors to make trials faster and to improve the experience for the patient. It involves bringing an increasing proportion of a trial’s activities to the patients rather than using the traditional paradigm of bringing patients to a trial site.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly catalysed the adoption of decentralised clinical trials, with an increase in trial activities conducted remotely and in participants’ homes. The concept of meeting patients where they are when conducting clinical trials did predate the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to improve patient convenience and experience. Decentralisation also broadens trial access to reach a larger number and potentially a more diverse pool of patients. Decentralisation can also reduce the workload for trial investigators, since traditional site activities (such as drug administration, assessments, and data verification) can be performed remotely by others or by trial participants themselves.

In this session we will hear from two companies leading the way in decentralised trials in the UK and US and on their perspective on winnings and challenges when setting up and running these trials; followed by a panel conversation from an NHS and company perspective.

  • Case study I: sponsor company- Roche, Ruth Davies (company and NHS perspective)
  • Case study II: sponsor company- Lightship, A Virtual Clinical Trial Site, Kristin Croucher (a site experienced in DCT incorporating feedback from the MHRA/UK market research)
  • Dr David Collier, Deputy Director, Barts CTU

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