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Advances in Clinical Trials- Faster and Better. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials Roundtable

8 Feb 2023
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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MedCity and NIHR are organising a Roundtable focusing on EDI in Clinical Trials; as part of the Faster and Better series

MedCity and NIHR in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society are organising a roundtable as part of the ‘Faster and Better’ series on clinical trials. The roundtable is by invitation only.


Sabi Redwood and Paramjit S Gill reported in their publication in the BJGPs ( that despite an often greater burden of disease, people from minority ethnic groups are under-represented in clinical and health research.

This often inadvertent exclusion has serious implications for medical science by limiting validity and generalisability and for social justice by affecting the allocation of resources for services and research. Enhancing clinical trial diversity is a moral and scientific imperative. The lack of diversity is an obstacle to understanding the safety and efficacy of novel therapies across population subgroups, which is crucial to reducing disparities and advancing equity. The need for diversity in clinical trials has also been recognised by the investor community as being a relevant ESG topic.

Recognizing the need to bring stakeholders of the clinical trial ecosystem together to implement actions, NIHR, FPM and MedCity are convening a round table event dedicated to improving clinical trial diversity. This roundtable will have representation from a broad range of sponsors and CROs as well PIs. to discuss identify areas of good practice and explore what needs to happen next. This forum will acknowledge the reality of the past and present experiences and discuss cross-stakeholder solutions to scale change.

This event is invitation only. For more information please contact

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