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MedTech Integrates 2020

15 Oct 2020
All Day


Live online – Join the debate that determines MedTech’s future. Focused on technology, diagnostics, devices, therapeutics, organisations and regulators

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Life Sciences Integrates is delighted to announce the inaugural MedTech Integrates conference. This one day gathering of technology, diagnostics, devices and therapeutics organisations as well as clinicians, academics and regulators provides a platform to discuss the major challenges impacting the MedTech sector.

Broadcast live on 15 October 2020, MedTech integrates addresses the needs of the MedTech community to overcome the challenges needed to achieve a transformation of diagnostics and devices in healthcare.

This year the three core themes are:

Diagnosis: Joining the dots of patient data, diagnosis and decision making is the holy grail for connected health. What is standing in the way? Is MedTech being implemented fast enough, and is “tech for good” a sustainable model?

Treatment: From pills to prosthetics, 3D printing seems to be taking healthcare by storm. Could this be the ultimate personalised healthcare? Are implantable devices invasive or ingenious?

Empowerment: Can the use of apps and connected health put patients at the centre of their own care? Are our wearables making us more able?

For more information and to view the agenda, high profile speakers -including MedCity COO Nicki Bromwich

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To benefit from a limited number of complimentary passes, Please contact for a promotional code. Registration for any complimentary pass must be completed by the 30th of September.

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