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PING Conference 2021 – UK life sciences opportunities in a changed world

17 Nov 2021
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The life sciences world has changed following the response to COVID-19 and the UK leaving the EU. There are now tremendous opportunities, some which have been accelerated in light of those two seismic events

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We are delighted to bring you the 2021 PING Conference taking place virtually on Wednesday 17 November 2021 entitled ‘UK Life Sciences Opportunities in a Changed World’, in collaboration with IQVIA and sponsored by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

In partnership with VWV, a leading UK law firm.

High calibre of inspirational and informative speakers are taking part and aside from that, PING is renowned for its personalised approach, giving you the opportunity to develop and cement relations with existing contacts and meet new people, as well as interact with speakers and other delegates in an engaging online format.


    • Alex Mclaughlin, Head of Strategy at The Office for Life Sciences
    • Blake Dark, Interim Chief Commercial Officer at NHS England and Improvement – “NHS Commercial Medicines: Securing innovative treatments for patients
    • Ben Osborn, Pfizer UK Country Manager and ABPI President – “The Power of Innovation and Collaboration in Medicines Discovery and Access – lessons from the recent past, vision for a bright UK future”
    • Dr Kirsty Wydenbach, Expert Medical Assessor and the Deputy Unit Manager in the Clinical Trials Unit at MHRA – “MHRA innovation supporting the UK to be a global life sciences super-power”
    • Andrew Howard, Deputy Director, EU Exit and International Trade at The Office for Life Sciences – “Global Britain – An Exciting New Era for UK Life Sciences”
    • Caroline Cake, CEO at Health Data Research UK – “Clinical data and real world evidence in action”
    • Professor Sir Peter Donnelly, Founder and CEO of Genomics Plc – “UK at the centre of a genomics revolution”
    • Professor Joanne Hackett, Head of Genomic and Precision Medicine at IQVIA – “UK at the centre of a global genomics revolution”
    • Professor Chas Bountra, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation, University of Oxford – “Collaboration coming of age”
    • Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director, Academic Liaison at GSK – “Collaboration coming of age”
    • Claire Ward, CEO of the Institute for Collaborative Working – “Collaboration in practice”
    • Richard Phillips, Partner at VWV“Planning Ahead for the Collaboration”

Presentations will focus on

  • Building on the successes from the COVID-19 response – what next in the UK?
  • Creating an environment in the UK for academia and industry to flourish.
  • An innovative approach from the UK Government, MHRA, academia and industry to discover, develop and secure earlier and better access to medicines.
  • Changing Government spending priorities on innovative and re-purposed medicines and data.
  • The opportunities from collaboration, between different organisations, and between academia and industry.
  • The exciting role for data in pharma and drug discovery through clinical data in real world evidence and genomic data.
  • A changing role for the MHRA through innovating and interacting with other regulators.
  • Trading opportunities and building relationships with the rest of the world.

Please note this is an invitation only event. to find out more please visit HERE

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