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Regulation and Evaluation of AI- are we there yet?

22 Jul 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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The evidence standards framework developed in 2018 by NICE in conjunction with NHSE, PHE, MedCity and DHL was seminal in providing clarity to digital health innovators on ‘What good looks like’ for DHTs to demonstrate their value in the UK health and care system.

This includes evidence of effectiveness relevant to the intended use(s) of the technology and evidence of economic impact relative to the financial risk. At the time, the standards were not applicable to digital health technologies built on AI.

NICE and HRA will discuss the new updated evidence framework and also the multi-agency support service and the role that the HRA has to ensure public and patient involvement and data considerations.

We will also hear from a company in this area who has interacted with NICE through the AI award and sharing their experience on the new ways of interacting with agencies.

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