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Collaborate to Innovate
with Stroke Association

MedCity and Stroke Association have entered into a collaboration agreement to identify and support the development of digital health therapeutics and medical devices for patients and carers living with the long-term health impacts of stroke.

In collaboration with

Living with the effects of stroke

The long-term effects of stroke are wide-ranging, leaving many patients living with complex challenges that severely impact quality of life and the ability to return to work. This new joint programme sits within MedCity’s Collaborate to Innovate initiative and brings together academics and SMEs, combining clinical stroke research expertise from the academic community with the commercial know-how of companies developing solutions for the health and care sector.

Programme funding

Stroke Association is providing funding and
expertise, while MedCity brings extensive
experience promoting the transfer of knowledge between academia and industry. A total funding pot of £180,000 is available.

Applications are invited from companies developing digital technologies, medical devices or diagnostics that address the long term health and care challenges surrounding stroke rehabilitation, and/or address the challenges of accurate diagnosis.


We expect to fund projects with any of the following attributes.

Improves the accuracy of diagnosis and lead to changes in practice

Reduces the risks for follow on stroke

Provides support to carer

Leads to a measurable improvement in recovery and quality of life

Supports better delivery of care

Important notes

We are inviting innovations across a broad development pathway, with an expectation that we will be supporting technologies from proof of concept stage, towards and up to commercialisation/implementation.

Applications will be scored based on innovation impact and the value added by the proposed academic/industrial collaboration. Patient and public involvement and engagement should be at the centre of the proposed work.

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